I am often asked what kind of kid Katie really is or what it’s like to be Katie’s Dad or how I feel about what she’s doing.  However the questions may be asked, these are all attempts to get to know Katie better.  I understand that desire, and I’ve struggled a bit as to how to respond to it.  On this page, you will find links to several true stories I’ve written about Katie.  They cover a span of several years and touch many topics.  From each of them, there are things to learn about Katie, things to learn about me, and things to learn about this strange mixture of impressions and experiences that we sometimes call “life”.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you do, I may add others from time to time.  Katie’s former gymnastics coach, a very sweet lady named Michelle, once told me that Katie has an “old soul”.  I think Katie was probably six at the time.  I’m not sure of all Michelle may have intended by the comment, but I have long believed that Katie has a wisdom beyond her years.  If some of that wisdom shows through these little stories, then I will consider this effort a success.  Happy reading.

Watching the Blue Ridge

Pulling Cards

Not too Often

Katie’s First Campout

Katie Logic

I Love that Smell

How Do You Know

Hiking at Morrow Mtn St Pk

Coaster Wagons

A Sure Thing